Permanently Remove ALL Your Skin Tags!


  • SKIN TAG FREE In 3 Days Or Less
  • NO MORE Embarrassing Skin Tags
  • NO LARGE Unsightly Surgical Scars
  • NO COSTLY Doctor Bills


Want to remove those skin tags?  If you’ve found this site, it‘s obvious you have some skin tags that bother you and you’re dying to remove them.

Until now, surgery has always been the only option.  But I’m sure you’re here because burning, cutting, and expensive laser treatments that can leave large scars don’t appeal to you…

Fortunately, these painful and expensive techniques have been made obsolete.  You can now remove ALL your skin tags safely at home with DermaTend®; a breakthrough all natural skin tag remover that is guaranteed to remove skin tags in as little as 3 days!

Simply apply DermaTend® to your skin tags and watch them disappear!

This means no more embarrassing doctor visits, costing you upwards of $150 to remove just one skin tag, while leaving you with a large scar. DermaTend® can permanently remove one skin tag for as little as $3.  That’s a savings of $147 and unlike surgery, DermaTend® is 100% guaranteed!

Made with only the finest natural ingredients, DermaTend®  is the safest, most cost-effective alternative to surgery available.  After removing well over 100,000 skin tags DermaTend® has proven itself to be the best all natural answer for skin tag removal.  And to prove it will work for you, we are going to let you try it risk-free!

We’re so confident that DermaTend® will work for you we've backed it up with a
60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

"THEY ARE GONE! THEY ARE GONE!! Those disgusting things on my neck that have ravaged my self esteem for years are finally gone. I can't thank you enough, the moles or skin tags I had on my neck bothered me for years. I had a hard time talking to people if I wasn't wearing a collared shirt, because I would just watch their eyes continually wander to my neck. You have no idea how horrible this is and you can never relax because you are always wondering what they are thinking, or if you have grossed them out. I still can't believe what has happened, I was moved to tears when they came off. Thank you so much, DermaTend®." - Glenn Bentley. Las Vegas, NV


DermaTend® Works For YOU, Or It's FREE!


Listen, we know DermaTend® works, as do the thousands of other skin tag free customers who have already experienced these results first hand.  But we understand that you still may be skeptical, and as such want to do everything we can to make this a no-brainer, risk-free decision for you.

That's why we're going to extend our Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee: we'll let you try DermaTend® for 60 days and If you have not successfully removed your skin tags; simply send back the empty tube and we'll refund you 100% of the cost.  DermaTend® will work for you, or it's FREE!

Order Extra Strength DermaTend® Ultra Today
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That’s right! When you order Extra Strength DermaTend®, you get our world famous Quick Healing Balm absolutely FREE.  This guarantees faster results while optimizing healing.  Don't wait... This offer ends soon and supplies of DermaTend's® Quick Healing Balm are limited!

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DermaTend's® Quick Healing Balm is an all natural ointment that when used with our breakthrough mole remover will help remove moles faster while greatly increasing your body's ability to heal. Our GIFT to you while supplies last!



Removes Up To 30 Unwanted Skin Tags


New & Improved Extra Strength Formula
Fastest Results! As Little As 8 Hours!
Safe, Natural and Easy To Apply
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FREE GIFT!  Healing Balm ($20.00 Value)

Only $99.95

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Removes Up To 15 Unwanted Skin Tags


New & Improved Extra Strength Formula
Fastest Results! As Little As 8 Hours!
Safe, Natural and Easy To Apply
Get 40% Off For a Limited Time

FREE GIFT!  Healing Balm ($20.00 Value)

Only $69.95

Total Value: $120.00
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Removes Up To 4 Unwanted Skin Tags

Original DermaTend® Formula
See Results In 3 to 10 Days
Get 30% Off For a Limited Time
Does NOT Come With Free Gift

Only $39.95

WAS $59.95
SAVE $20.00

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Permanently Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags For Good!

A brand new life without skin tags can begin today by placing your order. Now that you know what's possible, you'll never again have to look at your skin tags and worry. You can now permanently remove any skin tags that you have or get in the future without surgery at home.

All DermaTend® Advanced orders will receive a FREE DermaTend® all natural healing balm
, hand crafted by
Mount of Olives Soap Company.  This powerful healing balm will quicken the skin tag removal process and accelerate your skins ability to heal.  This is our gift to you as a thank you for ordering, and it's yours to keep no matter what you decide.


Remember, DermaTend® comes with an industry first 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.  All orders can be returned for a FULL refund within 1 year of your purchase, even if the tube is empty.  Try DermaTend® today, you have absolutely nothing to lose except those skin tags that have embarrassed you for the last time!


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